McCann Spain has launched its latest piece of work for client IKEA, and it involves a serious case of Whodunnit.

Directed by Landia’sĀ Agustin Alberdi, the spot sees a wealthy woman on a manic hunt for the owner of a misplaced Allen key – terrified that someone has brought IKEA furniture into the house.

The tongue-in-cheek ad reaches its crescendo when her husband arrives home and – with a smile – confirms her suspicions.

Director Agustin Alberdi commented on the production: “The brief was very concrete and the script extremely well-written. I pushed the cinematic elements to highlight the absurdity in this fight against one of IKEA’s smaller and more useful tools. It was shot like a high-end cinematic ad to contrast how silly the actual issue was. I wanted to evoke a kind of modern-day Hitchcock, with the main lead spiralling into insanity with every take.”